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D.E. Shaw has worked on 1 package so far. In total, D.E. Shaw has worked with 25 other authors on those packages. Impressive teamwork!


Taiane Schaedler Prass
Guilherme Pumi
Fábio Mariano Bayer
Jack Joseph Dongarra
Cleve Moler
Gilbert Wright Stewart
Ciyou Zhu
Richard H. Byrd
Jorge Nocedal
Jose Luis Morales
Peihuang Lu-Chen
John Burkardt
Alan Miller
B.E. Schneider
Alfred H. Morris
Robert W.M. Wedderburn
Jason Blevins
Brian Wichman
David Hill
Hiroshi Takano
George Marsaglia
Jean-Michel Brankart
Steve Kifowit
Donald E. Knuth
Catherine Loader