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Chris White has worked on 1 package so far. In total, Chris White has worked with 31 other authors on those packages. Impressive teamwork!


Serguei Sokol
Carol S. Woodward
Daniel R. Reynolds
Alan C. Hindmarsh
David J. Gardner
Cody J. Balos
Radu Serban
Scott D. Cohen
Peter N. Brown
George Byrne
Allan G. Taylor
Steven L. Lee
Keith E. Grant
Aaron Collier
Lawrence E. Banks
Steve Smith
Cosmin Petra
Slaven Peles
John Loffeld
Dan Shumaker
Ulrike Yang
James Almgren-Bell
Shelby L. Lockhart
Hilari C. Tiedeman
Ting Yan
Jean M. Sexton
Lawrence Livermore National Security
Southern Methodist University