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Avatar for Hadley Wickham Hadley Wickham

Chief Scientist at @posit-pbc

+ 4 / 24919

Avatar for Roger D. Peng Roger D. Peng

Professor of Statistics and Data Sciences at the University of Texas, Austin

+ 2 / 7195

Avatar for Eugene Yan Eugene Yan

I build ML, RecSys, & LLM systems @Amzn, and write @

+ 2 / 3447

Avatar for Yuan (Terry) Tang Yuan (Terry) Tang

Principal Engineer at Red Hat | Project Lead @argoproj @kubeflow | Maintainer @tensorflow XGBoost | Distributed ML, K8s | Author | Speaker | Technical Advisor

+ 2 / 3174

Avatar for RStudio RStudio

+ 2 / 2013

Avatar for StatQuest with Josh Starmer StatQuest with Josh Starmer

I make StatQuest videos and sing more than I should.

+ 2 / 1362

Avatar for Matt Dancho Matt Dancho

Hello. I'm Matt. I'm the founder of @business-science where we train business professionals how to become 6-figure data scientists and grow their careers.

+ 2 / 907

Avatar for Kaggle Kaggle

The Home of Data Science

+ 2 / 729

Avatar for Chanin Nantasenamat Chanin Nantasenamat

My name is Chanin Nantasenamat, Ph.D. and I am a Developer Advocate, YouTuber at the "Data Professor" channel and ex-Professor of Bioinformatics

+ 1 / 6656

Avatar for Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan

Software engineer @posit-pbc, humane #rstats

+ 1 / 5207

Avatar for David Robinson David Robinson

Director of Data Science at Heap

+ 1 / 3957

Avatar for Brian Caffo Brian Caffo

+ 1 / 3855

Avatar for Manjunath.R Manjunath.R

"Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion." ― Stephen Hawking

+ 1 / 3474

Avatar for Dr. Shayan (Sean) Taheri Dr. Shayan (Sean) Taheri

Software Engineer, Computer Scientist. American Permanent Resident. SW Consultant at HonestRank LLC. Christian Academic Education. STEM in Christian World.

+ 1 / 2840

Avatar for Julia Silge Julia Silge

Data science and MLOps with #rstats, text mining, 💖

+ 1 / 2840

Avatar for Richard McElreath Richard McElreath

+ 1 / 2210

Avatar for boB Rudis boB Rudis

🇺🇦 Pampa • Don't look at me…I do what he does—just slower. #rstats avuncular•👨‍🍳•✝️• 💤• Varaforseti í Gögn Vísindi @ @GreyNoise-Intelligence +CMU Lecturer

+ 1 / 1686

Avatar for Zhiyuan Liu Zhiyuan Liu


+ 1 / 1648

Avatar for Muhammad Aammar Tufail Muhammad Aammar Tufail

PhD | Data Scientist | Bioinformatician in University of Kiel, Germany

+ 1 / 1487

Avatar for Thu Thu

A data nerd who loves hacking stuff to learn new things.

+ 1 / 1416

Avatar for Indrajeet Patil Indrajeet Patil

Software Engineer || Data Scientist || Former Social Psychologist and Neuroscientist

+ 1 / 1412

Avatar for Rafael A Irizarry Rafael A Irizarry

I am a Professor of Applied Statistics at Harvard and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. @rafalab

+ 1 / 1366

Avatar for Edzer Pebesma Edzer Pebesma

geoinformatics, spatial statistics, R.

+ 1 / 1326

Avatar for Parul Pandey Parul Pandey

+ 1 / 1221

Avatar for Robin Lovelace Robin Lovelace

Environmental geographer and transport modeller.

+ 1 / 1185

Avatar for Sagar Vinodababu Sagar Vinodababu

+ 1 / 1118

Avatar for Hilary Parker Hilary Parker

#rstats #rcatladies

+ 1 / 988

Avatar for Garrick Aden-Buie Garrick Aden-Buie

R developer, software engineer for Shiny at @posit-pbc (the company fka @rstudio)

+ 1 / 971

Avatar for tidyverse tidyverse

The tidyverse is a collection of R packages that share common principles and are designed to work together seamlessly

+ 1 / 967

Avatar for Sean Kross Sean Kross

+ 1 / 949

Avatar for Mike Love Mike Love

Genetics & Biostatistics at UNC-Chapel Hill. Bioconductor developer.

+ 1 / 941

Avatar for John Coene John Coene

R, Go, JavaScript, and other indoor stuff.

+ 1 / 853

Avatar for Andrew Heiss Andrew Heiss

Assistant professor at @aysps at GSU. Study philanthropy, nonprofits, authoritarianism, & legal restrictions on civil society. R + Stan + sometimes Python.

+ 1 / 798

Avatar for Henrik Bengtsson Henrik Bengtsson

Assoc Professor. R Foundation. R Consortium. Many R packages, e.g. future & matrixStats.

+ 1 / 792

Avatar for Ben Bolker Ben Bolker

+ 1 / 763

Avatar for Stephen Turner Stephen Turner

Bioinformatician, data scientist, principal scientist at Colossal Biosciences

+ 1 / 740

Avatar for null null

+ 1 / 727

Avatar for Norm Matloff Norm Matloff

Statistician and computer scientist at UC Davis. Award-winning stat/R author. Please see

+ 1 / 721

Avatar for Nan Xiao Nan Xiao

Statistician @Merck

+ 1 / 705

Avatar for Sana Sana

+ 1 / 695

Avatar for Yihui Xie Yihui Xie

Software engineer @rstudio

(no change) / 8896

Avatar for Neal Fultz Neal Fultz

Computational statistician, programmer and data scientist.

(no change) / 5412

Avatar for Max Woolf Max Woolf

Data Scientist @buzzfeed. Plotter of pretty charts.

(no change) / 4418

Avatar for jimmy_zeng jimmy_zeng

(no change) / 3733

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 3653

Avatar for Thomas Lin Pedersen Thomas Lin Pedersen

Maker of tools focusing on data science and data visualisation

(no change) / 3023

Avatar for Tirthajyoti Sarkar Tirthajyoti Sarkar

VP, AI/ML Platforms, Industry 4.0, edge-computing, semiconductor technology, Author, Python packages - pydbgen, MLR, and doepy,

(no change) / 2933

Avatar for Benedek Rozemberczki Benedek Rozemberczki

Machine Learning Research Scientist at @isomorphiclabs | PhD from The University of Edinburgh.

(no change) / 2864

Avatar for Guangchuang Yu Guangchuang Yu

Professor of Bioinformatics at Southern Medical University.

(no change) / 2745

Avatar for Rob J Hyndman Rob J Hyndman

Professor of Statistics, Monash University

(no change) / 2691

Avatar for Romain François Romain François

Looking for new #rstats opportunities

(no change) / 2463

Avatar for Max Kuhn Max Kuhn

(no change) / 2399

Avatar for Ming Tang Ming Tang

Director of Computational Biology at Immunitas working on single-cell RNAseq. Care about reproducible research and open science

(no change) / 2214

Avatar for Joe Cheng Joe Cheng

CTO of RStudio, Inc. Creator of the Shiny framework.

(no change) / 2076

Avatar for Dean Attali Dean Attali

Founder & Lead R-Shiny consultant @ AttaliTech Ltd. Passionate about writing open source tools. Extreme traveller.

(no change) / 2043

Avatar for Garrett Grolemund Garrett Grolemund

(no change) / 1934

Avatar for J.J. Allaire J.J. Allaire

Founder and CEO of Posit, PBC (formerly RStudio)

(no change) / 1812

Avatar for Jeroen Ooms Jeroen Ooms

Staff research engineer for @ropensci

(no change) / 1728

Avatar for Christoph Molnar Christoph Molnar

Interpretable Machine Learning researcher. Author of Interpretable Machine Learning Book:

(no change) / 1627

Avatar for Jim Hester Jim Hester

Software Engineer @Netflix, previously @rstudio on @tidyverse team.

(no change) / 1587

Avatar for Winston Chang Winston Chang

Software Engineer at @posit-pbc (formerly known as @rstudio)

(no change) / 1570

Avatar for Yong-Xin Liu Yong-Xin Liu

Professor, Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

(no change) / 1395

Avatar for Karl Broman Karl Broman

Professor in Dept of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics at UW–Madison. Applied statistician working on statistical genomics.

(no change) / 1368

Avatar for Richard Iannone Richard Iannone

I enjoy creating useful things for data analysis, transformation, and visualization. It's super fun too! ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎

(no change) / 1355

Avatar for Gábor Csárdi Gábor Csárdi

(no change) / 1348

Avatar for Claus Wilke Claus Wilke

(no change) / 1347

Avatar for TK_Aslanyan TK_Aslanyan

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | NLP Technology is best when it brings people together 👩🏻‍🔬 👩🏻‍💻

(no change) / 1283

Avatar for Dhiraj Upadhyaya Dhiraj Upadhyaya

Data has been the backbone of Business Process. It can be used in various forms for policy making and for decisions.

(no change) / 1231

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 1197

Avatar for Karthik Ram Karthik Ram

Research associate professor at UC Berkeley and director of @ropensci.

(no change) / 1136

Avatar for Kieran Healy Kieran Healy

Sociology and other distractions.

(no change) / 1078

Avatar for Rohan Rao Rohan Rao

9-time Indian Sudoku Champion | Senior Data Scientist @h2oai | Quadruple Kaggle Grandmaster

(no change) / 1047

Avatar for Rakibul Hassan Rakibul Hassan

There are many things you can let go of in life, but NEVER let go of the tiller.

(no change) / 1006

Avatar for Alboukadel KASSAMBARA Alboukadel KASSAMBARA

PhD, Cancer Biology and Bioinformatics

(no change) / 1001

Avatar for Pablo Barberá Pablo Barberá

(no change) / 975

Avatar for Danielle Navarro Danielle Navarro

Data scientist. Former academic. Occasional generative artist

(no change) / 973

Avatar for Kirill Müller Kirill Müller

(no change) / 972

Avatar for Thomas J. Leeper Thomas J. Leeper

Behavioral scientist and R hacker

(no change) / 970

Avatar for Erin LeDell Erin LeDell

Chief Machine Learning Scientist at

(no change) / 950

Avatar for Maëlle Salmon Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer, Blogger

(no change) / 919

Avatar for Carson Sievert Carson Sievert

Software engineer @rstudio.

(no change) / 916

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 906

Avatar for Carl Boettiger Carl Boettiger

(no change) / 892

Avatar for Scott Chamberlain Scott Chamberlain

Software Engineer @ Fred Hutch

(no change) / 888

Avatar for Colin Fay Colin Fay

👨‍💻 Data Science and Engineering at @thinkr-open. "Chaotic good developer". Loves building things, loves breaking things. Runs 🏃‍♂️. Eats plants 🌱.

(no change) / 826

Avatar for Kun Ren Kun Ren

(no change) / 821

Avatar for Sean Davis Sean Davis

- Pediatric oncologist - Cancer researcher - Data scientist - Community organizer

(no change) / 794

Avatar for Tong He Tong He

(no change) / 777

Avatar for Charlotte Wickham Charlotte Wickham

(no change) / 769

Avatar for Michael W. Kearney Michael W. Kearney

📊🧑‍💻📊 Data Science & AI Manager

(no change) / 759

Avatar for Sudharsan Ravichandiran Sudharsan Ravichandiran

Data Scientist | Mathematician

(no change) / 756

Avatar for 徐静 徐静

🐜 关键词:AI图像算法工程师,R语言,Python,C++, 计算机视觉,自然语言处理,语音识别,机器学习,统计学,网络爬虫,数据可视化🐢

(no change) / 753

Avatar for Davis Vaughan Davis Vaughan

Working on all things @tidyverse and @r-lib to make data analysis more fun

(no change) / 741

Avatar for Emil Hvitfeldt Emil Hvitfeldt

All things @tidymodels

(no change) / 736

Avatar for Vince Buffalo Vince Buffalo

Evolutionary geneticist at UC Berkeley, former bioinformatician. ♥s probability, statistics. Author of book Bioinformatics Data Skills.

(no change) / 732

Avatar for Tanya Shapiro Tanya Shapiro

Doing Data Science things in R & Python

(no change) / 691

Avatar for Daniel Falbel Daniel Falbel

software engineer @rstudio

(no change) / 675

Avatar for Rachael Tatman Rachael Tatman

Developer and data science educator who specializes in language technology. Linguistics PhD.

-1 / 1196

Avatar for Mark Edmondson Mark Edmondson

Founder @sunholo-data working on LLMOps. Cloud Architect at @8-bit-sheep. Google Developer Expert, Google Cloud

-1 / 873

Avatar for DataCamp DataCamp

-1 / 683