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Avatar for Yihui Xie Yihui Xie

Software engineer @rstudio

+ 1 / 8893

Avatar for jimmy_zeng jimmy_zeng

+ 1 / 3732

Avatar for Rafael A Irizarry Rafael A Irizarry

I am a Professor of Applied Statistics at Harvard and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. @rafalab

+ 1 / 1365

Avatar for Henrik Bengtsson Henrik Bengtsson

Assoc Professor. R Foundation. R Consortium. Many R packages, e.g. future & matrixStats.

+ 1 / 791

Avatar for Hadley Wickham Hadley Wickham

Chief Scientist at @posit-pbc

(no change) / 24905

Avatar for Roger D. Peng Roger D. Peng

Professor of Statistics and Data Sciences at the University of Texas, Austin

(no change) / 7193

Avatar for Chanin Nantasenamat Chanin Nantasenamat

My name is Chanin Nantasenamat, Ph.D. and I am a Developer Advocate, YouTuber at the "Data Professor" channel and ex-Professor of Bioinformatics

(no change) / 6648

Avatar for Neal Fultz Neal Fultz

Computational statistician, programmer and data scientist.

(no change) / 5413

Avatar for Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan

Software engineer @posit-pbc, humane #rstats

(no change) / 5203

Avatar for Max Woolf Max Woolf

Data Scientist @buzzfeed. Plotter of pretty charts.

(no change) / 4417

Avatar for David Robinson David Robinson

Director of Data Science at Heap

(no change) / 3954

Avatar for Brian Caffo Brian Caffo

(no change) / 3854

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 3653

Avatar for Manjunath.R Manjunath.R

"Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion." ― Stephen Hawking

(no change) / 3475

Avatar for Eugene Yan Eugene Yan

I build ML, RecSys, & LLM systems @Amzn, and write @

(no change) / 3442

Avatar for Yuan (Terry) Tang Yuan (Terry) Tang

Project Lead @argoproj @kubeflow | Maintainer @tensorflow XGBoost | Distributed ML, Kubernetes | Author | Speaker | Technical Advisor

(no change) / 3168

Avatar for Thomas Lin Pedersen Thomas Lin Pedersen

Maker of tools focusing on data science and data visualisation

(no change) / 3019

Avatar for Tirthajyoti Sarkar Tirthajyoti Sarkar

VP, AI/ML Platforms, Industry 4.0, edge-computing, semiconductor technology, Author, Python packages - pydbgen, MLR, and doepy,

(no change) / 2933

Avatar for Benedek Rozemberczki Benedek Rozemberczki

Machine Learning Research Scientist at @isomorphiclabs | PhD from The University of Edinburgh.

(no change) / 2862

Avatar for Dr. Shayan (Sean) Taheri Dr. Shayan (Sean) Taheri

Software Engineer, Computer Scientist. American Permanent Resident. SW Consultant at HonestRank LLC. Christian Academic Education. STEM in Christian World.

(no change) / 2840

Avatar for Julia Silge Julia Silge

Data science and MLOps with #rstats, text mining, 💖

(no change) / 2839

Avatar for Guangchuang Yu Guangchuang Yu

Professor of Bioinformatics at Southern Medical University.

(no change) / 2743

Avatar for Rob J Hyndman Rob J Hyndman

Professor of Statistics, Monash University

(no change) / 2689

Avatar for Romain François Romain François

Looking for new #rstats opportunities

(no change) / 2463

Avatar for Max Kuhn Max Kuhn

(no change) / 2399

Avatar for Ming Tang Ming Tang

Director of Computational Biology at Immunitas working on single-cell RNAseq. Care about reproducible research and open science

(no change) / 2212

Avatar for Richard McElreath Richard McElreath

(no change) / 2206

Avatar for Joe Cheng Joe Cheng

CTO of RStudio, Inc. Creator of the Shiny framework.

(no change) / 2077

Avatar for Dean Attali Dean Attali

Founder & Lead R-Shiny consultant @ AttaliTech Ltd. Passionate about writing open source tools. Extreme traveller.

(no change) / 2044

Avatar for RStudio RStudio

(no change) / 2005

Avatar for Garrett Grolemund Garrett Grolemund

(no change) / 1934

Avatar for J.J. Allaire J.J. Allaire

Founder and CEO of Posit, PBC (formerly RStudio)

(no change) / 1812

Avatar for Jeroen Ooms Jeroen Ooms

Staff research engineer for @ropensci

(no change) / 1726

Avatar for boB Rudis boB Rudis

🇺🇦 Pampa • Don't look at me…I do what he does—just slower. #rstats avuncular•👨‍🍳•✝️• 💤• Varaforseti í Gögn Vísindi @ @GreyNoise-Intelligence +CMU Lecturer

(no change) / 1685

Avatar for Zhiyuan Liu Zhiyuan Liu


(no change) / 1647

Avatar for Christoph Molnar Christoph Molnar

Interpretable Machine Learning researcher. Author of Interpretable Machine Learning Book:

(no change) / 1625

Avatar for Jim Hester Jim Hester

Software Engineer @Netflix, previously @rstudio on @tidyverse team.

(no change) / 1587

Avatar for Winston Chang Winston Chang

Software Engineer at @posit-pbc (formerly known as @rstudio)

(no change) / 1571

Avatar for Muhammad Aammar Tufail Muhammad Aammar Tufail

PhD | Data Scientist | Bioinformatician in University of Kiel, Germany

(no change) / 1481

Avatar for Thu Thu

A data nerd who loves hacking stuff to learn new things.

(no change) / 1413

Avatar for Indrajeet Patil Indrajeet Patil

Software Engineer || Data Scientist || Former Social Psychologist and Neuroscientist

(no change) / 1410

Avatar for Yong-Xin Liu Yong-Xin Liu

Professor, Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

(no change) / 1395

Avatar for Karl Broman Karl Broman

Professor in Dept of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics at UW–Madison. Applied statistician working on statistical genomics.

(no change) / 1367

Avatar for StatQuest with Josh Starmer StatQuest with Josh Starmer

I make StatQuest videos and sing more than I should.

(no change) / 1357

Avatar for Richard Iannone Richard Iannone

I enjoy creating useful things for data analysis, transformation, and visualization. It's super fun too! ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎

(no change) / 1355

Avatar for Gábor Csárdi Gábor Csárdi

(no change) / 1348

Avatar for Claus Wilke Claus Wilke

(no change) / 1345

Avatar for Edzer Pebesma Edzer Pebesma

geoinformatics, spatial statistics, R.

(no change) / 1323

Avatar for TK_Aslanyan TK_Aslanyan

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | NLP Technology is best when it brings people together 👩🏻‍🔬 👩🏻‍💻

(no change) / 1284

Avatar for Dhiraj Upadhyaya Dhiraj Upadhyaya

Data has been the backbone of Business Process. It can be used in various forms for policy making and for decisions.

(no change) / 1231

Avatar for Parul Pandey Parul Pandey

(no change) / 1220

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 1197

Avatar for Rachael Tatman Rachael Tatman

Developer and data science educator who specializes in language technology. Linguistics PhD.

(no change) / 1197

Avatar for Robin Lovelace Robin Lovelace

Environmental geographer and transport modeller.

(no change) / 1184

Avatar for Karthik Ram Karthik Ram

Research associate professor at UC Berkeley and director of @ropensci.

(no change) / 1136

Avatar for Sagar Vinodababu Sagar Vinodababu

(no change) / 1116

Avatar for Kieran Healy Kieran Healy

Sociology and other distractions.

(no change) / 1076

Avatar for Rohan Rao Rohan Rao

9-time Indian Sudoku Champion | Senior Data Scientist @h2oai | Quadruple Kaggle Grandmaster

(no change) / 1047

Avatar for Rakibul Hassan Rakibul Hassan

There are many things you can let go of in life, but NEVER let go of the tiller.

(no change) / 1006

Avatar for Alboukadel KASSAMBARA Alboukadel KASSAMBARA

PhD, Cancer Biology and Bioinformatics

(no change) / 1001

Avatar for Hilary Parker Hilary Parker

#rstats #rcatladies

(no change) / 987

Avatar for Pablo Barberá Pablo Barberá

(no change) / 975

Avatar for Danielle Navarro Danielle Navarro

Data scientist. Former academic. Occasional generative artist

(no change) / 973

Avatar for Kirill Müller Kirill Müller

(no change) / 971

Avatar for Thomas J. Leeper Thomas J. Leeper

Behavioral scientist and R hacker

(no change) / 970

Avatar for Garrick Aden-Buie Garrick Aden-Buie

R developer, software engineer for Shiny at @posit-pbc (the company fka @rstudio)

(no change) / 970

Avatar for tidyverse tidyverse

The tidyverse is a collection of R packages that share common principles and are designed to work together seamlessly

(no change) / 960

Avatar for Erin LeDell Erin LeDell

Chief Machine Learning Scientist at

(no change) / 950

Avatar for Sean Kross Sean Kross

(no change) / 948

Avatar for Mike Love Mike Love

Genetics & Biostatistics at UNC-Chapel Hill. Bioconductor developer.

(no change) / 939

Avatar for Maëlle Salmon Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer, Blogger

(no change) / 919

Avatar for Carson Sievert Carson Sievert

Software engineer @rstudio.

(no change) / 916

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 906

Avatar for Matt Dancho Matt Dancho

Hello. I'm Matt. I'm the founder of @business-science where we train business professionals how to become 6-figure data scientists and grow their careers.

(no change) / 905

Avatar for Carl Boettiger Carl Boettiger

(no change) / 892

Avatar for Scott Chamberlain Scott Chamberlain

Software Engineer @ Fred Hutch

(no change) / 888

Avatar for Mark Edmondson Mark Edmondson

Founder @sunholo-data working on LLMOps. Cloud Architect at @8-bit-sheep. Google Developer Expert, Google Cloud

(no change) / 874

Avatar for John Coene John Coene

R, Go, JavaScript, and other indoor stuff.

(no change) / 852

Avatar for Colin Fay Colin Fay

👨‍💻 Data Science and Engineering at @thinkr-open. "Chaotic good developer". Loves building things, loves breaking things. Runs 🏃‍♂️. Eats plants 🌱.

(no change) / 826

Avatar for Kun Ren Kun Ren

(no change) / 821

Avatar for Andrew Heiss Andrew Heiss

Assistant professor at @aysps at GSU. Study philanthropy, nonprofits, authoritarianism, & legal restrictions on civil society. R + Stan + sometimes Python.

(no change) / 797

Avatar for Sean Davis Sean Davis

- Pediatric oncologist - Cancer researcher - Data scientist - Community organizer

(no change) / 794

Avatar for Tong He Tong He

(no change) / 776

Avatar for Charlotte Wickham Charlotte Wickham

(no change) / 769

Avatar for Ben Bolker Ben Bolker

(no change) / 761

Avatar for Michael W. Kearney Michael W. Kearney

📊🧑‍💻📊 Data Science & AI Manager

(no change) / 759

Avatar for Sudharsan Ravichandiran Sudharsan Ravichandiran

Data Scientist | Mathematician

(no change) / 756

Avatar for 徐静 徐静

🐜 关键词:AI图像算法工程师,R语言,Python,C++, 计算机视觉,自然语言处理,语音识别,机器学习,统计学,网络爬虫,数据可视化🐢

(no change) / 750

Avatar for Davis Vaughan Davis Vaughan

Working on all things @tidyverse and @r-lib to make data analysis more fun

(no change) / 741

Avatar for Stephen Turner Stephen Turner

Bioinformatician, data scientist, principal scientist at Colossal Biosciences

(no change) / 739

Avatar for Emil Hvitfeldt Emil Hvitfeldt

All things @tidymodels

(no change) / 735

Avatar for Vince Buffalo Vince Buffalo

Evolutionary geneticist at UC Berkeley, former bioinformatician. ♥s probability, statistics. Author of book Bioinformatics Data Skills.

(no change) / 731

Avatar for null null

(no change) / 726

Avatar for Kaggle Kaggle

The Home of Data Science

(no change) / 723

Avatar for Norm Matloff Norm Matloff

Statistician and computer scientist at UC Davis. Award-winning stat/R author. Please see

(no change) / 720

Avatar for Nan Xiao Nan Xiao

Statistician @Merck

(no change) / 703

Avatar for Sana Sana

(no change) / 695

Avatar for Tanya Shapiro Tanya Shapiro

Doing Data Science things in R & Python

(no change) / 691

Avatar for DataCamp DataCamp

(no change) / 680

Avatar for Daniel Falbel Daniel Falbel

software engineer @rstudio

(no change) / 675